Metatrader 4 tutorial for beginners

Convenient trading platform is an important factor for successful trading. That is why

MetaTrader4 terminal is popular among traders and forex brokers. The functionality has been
achieved thanks to the integration into mt4 of an information and analytical system, which is one
of the best nowadays.

One of the most popular questions that novice traders ask is how to use MetaTrader 4. Of course,
it’s very important to figure out all the details of work before the start, so it will help not to make
mistakes, and earn real money.
Here are the main features of work with the MT4 trading terminal, as well as the main nuances
associated with making transactions on the platform. The main purpose of this program is to
provide traders with the opportunity to trade in real time. For these purposes, the terminal
displays a graph and presents control buttons that provide an opportunity to buy a lot.
The process of work with this program is extremely simple and fully automated. The user is only
required to specify the basics, such as the underlying asset and the direction of bargaining with
the amount of the investment. We note one of the main advantages of the mt program, which is
that a large number of various assets are available for work. They are available every minute at
the time when the stock exchange is open from Monday to Friday. Most online brokers provide a
very limited number of assets, which are also available only at certain hours.
 How to use MetaTrader
The main objective of the program is to carry out trade, so this part of the article will discuss
how to use the metatrader 4 in terms of trading activities. This process is quite simple and is
performed by simply pressing the F9 key. After that, a new order will be opened on the working
screen, in which the trader needs to specify the main parameters for the transaction. This window
contains the following fields:
Symbol - the field for selecting the underlying asset from the drop-down list. By default, the
asset that was presented in the chart window is displayed here.
Volume - the value of the trade operation, which the trader is willing to risk in this transaction.
You can choose from some values ​​that may vary depending on the broker you are working with.
Type - determines the date of execution of the auction. In this column, the trader indicates at
what point in time the transaction will be opened. This can be the option of immediate purchase,
as well as purchases when the price reaches a certain level.
Purchase option buttons. In this field, there are buttons "sell", which means trading for a lower
rate, and the button "bay", which indicates the appreciation of the underlying asset.
These are the main features of the terminal mt4, how to use this platform and make operations of
buying binary options.