Metatrader 4 tutorial


To install the application, click the "Install" button on the application's Google Play page.
After the installation process has been completed, the MetaTrader 4 application will be available
in the Applications menu.

After installing the application, in the application list, click on the "MetaTrader 4" icon to start
the terminal. At the first start in the authorization window you will be offered to choose one of
two options: "Connect to an existing account" and "Open a demo account".
 To enter your trading or demo account, select the first option "Connect to an existing account".
On the next screen, enter "Exness" in the search field and select the appropriate server from the
list provided.
The next step is to enter your account information: "Login" and "Password".
Then press the "Login" button to connect.
 Contents of the menu:
New order - opens the dialog for creating a new order.
Symbols - managing the list of trading instruments on the "Quotes" tab. Through this menu,
adding / removing trading tools is performed, and the order of displaying the tools in the list is
Accounts - switch between different accounts. Adding new accounts. Delete unwanted invoices.
Messages - list of messages from Metaquotes services.
Settings - settings for tabs Quotes and Charts, as well as settings for messages from Metaquotes
About the program - a short description of the application from the developer.
 App Tabs
The terminal workspace consists of 4 tabs. Switch between tabs by clicking on the corresponding
icon at the top of the screen.
Time period - select the time period of the graph.
 Symbols submenu
Charts - a screen with graphs. At the top of the screen is a graph for the selected tool, below are
the indicator windows. At the bottom of the screen is a series of icons for quick work with the
Crosshair - allows you to view information about the selected section of the chart.
Time period - select the time period of the graph.
Indicators  - open the menu for controlling indicators. In this menu, add and remove indicators.
New Order - open a dialog for creating a new order.
 Charts window
Trade - information about the state of the account and a list of current positions. When you click
on a position, a context menu opens. Through the context menu, you can close or change the

History - the history of transactions of this account. To select the time period of the displayed
history, click the icon with the clock icon History icon
 Main functions:
 Opening an order
To open a new order, select the item "New order" in the main menu.
 Closing an order
To close an order, click on the order in the list of orders on the "Trade" screen and select "Close
order" in the context menu.