Metatrader 4 demo account

Demo account is the best tool for training a beginner trader. The functional of the demo account

is identical to the real account, but you do not trade with real money, but with virtual money.
Working on a demo account, you gain practical experience of trading on Forex and learn all the
trading opportunities that MetaTrader 4 provides.

Download MetaTrader 4 and get a free demo account - it's fast and easy
You can conduct transactions in real time and learn to analyze markets using technical
indicators, without risking your own finances. Trading signals, copying transactions and buying
trading advisors in the Market are also available on demo accounts.
The demo account can be opened both in the desktop trading platform and in the mobile
applications of MetaTrader 4:
Demo account can also be opened for free in the mobile platforms MetaTrader 4 for iOS and
Android. For those, who constantly use the smartphones, that's a great opportunity.
Creation of a demo account is an optimal start for the study of MetaTrader 4 and trading in
foreign exchange markets.
 The MetaTrader trading terminal allows you to open and use a so-called training or demo
account. This is a "virtual" trading account, which gives an opportunity to get acquainted with
the work of the terminal, learn its functions and learn how to earn money in FOREX market.
 Demo Account Registration
1. Download the MetaTrader trading terminal distribution kit on a computer with Internet access.
 2. Open the received file ukrgasbank4setup.exe.
 3. A dialog box opens, in which the installation process is commented:
  Select the language and click the "Next" button.
4. Read and click "Next".
5. The default terminal wil be installed in the directory C. it is advisable not to change it.
Cases are different, and if you already have one terminal installed, and you want to install one
more (for example, for mini-forex), you can specify another directory for installation by
changing the name.
6. Everything is ready for installation. Press the "Next" button.
7. The distribution files are copied to the hard disk. We are waiting for the installation to be
8. The installation was successful. The program offers to start the terminal.
9. When you first start work, it offers a form for registering a demo account.
10. In the next window click the "Scan" button and check if the trading server is available:
The "Ping" column displays the server response time in milliseconds.
If there is no server response, you need to check the connection problems.

11. At the end you will receive a message about the registration of the account with the
identity of the new account - login and passwords.
IN common, demo account is a great possibility to try such an opportunity, as trading. It’s very
easy to understand how does it work and how to use it.