How to use metatrader 4

The main purpose of this program is to give the trader the opportunity to trade a certain

instrument in real time using one working window. To this end, we see the installed control
buttons to purchase a particular lot, as well as the schedule of the selected instrument.
 The very work with MT4 is simple and fully automated. The user (trader) indicates the basic
parameters such as the underlying asset and the direction of trade, as well as the amount of the
investment. One of the main advantages of the program is the fact that many different assets are
available for trade. You can trade them at any time, i.e. round the clock from Monday to Friday.

How to use MT4 - the start of trading
The main objective of the program is to carry out trade. This is quite simple in terms of
implementation. In the open terminal, press F9. A window opens in which you need to specify
the desired transaction parameters.
 Symbol - here you can select the underlying asset for trading. By default, the trader sees the
asset, whose chart is open at the moment.
Volume - the value of the purchased asset, measured in lots. The minimum value is 0.01.
Type - transaction execution type. Possible as an immediate purchase, and deferred, i.e. when
the quotation reaches a certain level.
The button for buying an asset. Options 2: sell (sell for a price reduction) or buy (sell for a raise).
Graphs and other tools in MT4
The currency pair chart is the basis of any trade in MT4. This is the trader's basic workspace.
Proper setting of the chart is very important for the trader, as it allows not only to work
comfortably, but also to better perceive information from the market, easier to analyze graphical
constructions, etc.
 In order for the terminal to display all trading tools, you have to press Ctrl + M or select the
View - Market View menu, then right-click on the window that appears and select the "Show all
symbols" item. Now we can open a chart of any trading tool that the broker provides us with.
 MT4 allows you to open both one and several graphs, placing them in a convenient for us order
(the Window tab - options mosaic, cascade, horizontally, etc.). Many traders reveal the graphs
they need in full screen, alternately switching between them.
 Maintenance of an open position. Having decided on the direction of trade (purchase or sale)
and opened a deal, it is vitally important for a trader to set parameters such as stop loss and take
profit. This so-called. stop orders that allow you to limit losses in the event of possible market
movement against our open position or to make a profit on the reverse move. To set stop orders,
we right-click on the open order in the Terminal window (below the chart) and select the item
"Modify or delete order".
Also it should be said a few words about the change of trading account, the installation of
indicators and advisers. We are interested in the View - Navigator menu (Ctrl + N). Here in the
corresponding drop-down menus we can select the item of interest, for example, Expert
Advisors, and transfer the selected Expert Advisor to the schedule using the left mouse button.