Metatrader 4 free download

The MetaTrader 4 platform is considered to be the best one that brokers offer their clients today.
With her work on Forex becomes easier and more convenient. Through this program, you can
enter the financial market, analyze currency pairs and other instruments, and trade.

Nowadays MetaTrader is provided by all self-respecting brokers. An exception among good
companies are those that have their own terminals, similar in functionality to MT4. But this is a
rarity. Much more often brokers who do not have it, offer obsolete platforms. And even though
there is also a MetaTrader 5, most people prefer to use the 4th version.
 Metatrader 4 terminal features
Using this terminal, you can  trade manually yourself, and configure automatic work with the
help of advisors (robots). If you are still attracted by the opportunity not to participate in the
process of market analysis, then do not rush with this decision. Just install any Expert Advisor
and run it is not enough. Robots require testing even more carefully than conventional tactics. To
do this, you can use a demo account, and make a decision only by the results.
Here are just a few advantages of the MetaTrader 4 platform:
- high level of security, the probability of hacking access to the account is minimal;
- the ability to track all transactions and account history for the desired period;
- quotes online;
- the ease of opening deals;
- a complete set of tools for graphical analysis and some of its varieties;
- ability to switch between linear, candle and bar graph;
- extensive set of built-in indicators and a couple of advisers;
- large selection of currency pairs and other instruments;
- ability to track news online.
 How to install Metatrader 4
Most brokerage companies MT 4 is available for download to anyone who wants to. You can
just go to the site, download and install the desired option. When you start, the demo account
window opens automatically. A real account, as a rule, you need to register on the broker's
website or even through the DC, depending on which intermediary to enter the financial market,
which you have chosen.
 Independent brokers rating
To install, go to the official site of the selected company. Download the terminal there. It can be
specified in different ways: download a platform, download a terminal, install MetaTrader 4,
register or even open an account. Don't be afraid, necause the brokers will not force you to invest
for the sake of downloading. It will be enough to have a demo account.