Metatrader 4

Metatrader 4 is a platform, which is for now one of the most popular and trustful. 

In a number of Internet ratings, the MetaTrader program takes a leading position, and one would
think that such ratings are made for advertising purposes. But there are significant fights on the
forums between users of various trading terminals, where the user's sincere support for the
MetaTrader platform is clearly visible.

Any thoughtful person is able to distinguish marketing
customized reviews from those written on the basis of the current emotional state, and figure out,
where is the truth. The popularity of the MetaTrader platform consists of several components,
the main from which are as follows:
The quality and self-sufficiency of software, which does not require the purchase of any
additional programs for the organization of brokerage companies;
 High performance, stability and security embedded in the distributed structure of the
information and trading platform;
 Reasonable prices and a continuous decrease in the cost of ownership;
 Flexible system settings and the ability to brand the interface in the way needed.
If we talk about the trading terminal MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal, which installs clients of
broker companies on their computers, smartphones and tablets, its popularity among end users is
explained by the following parameters:
 Simultaneous work with one account at once in several markets: Forex, Futures, Stock, in
the stock markets;
 Automatic trading and a powerful programming environment for individual robot experts
MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5), using a fast, C-like language;
 High functionality of analytics: 21 timeframes, 38 technical indicators, 39 graphic
objects, 4 zoom modes, 17 display styles, economic calendar and actual news in full,
trading strategy tester, rich trading reports;
 The ability to connect to trading signals of successful traders or put up their signals for
sale, which makes it possible with small capital to enter the largest market;
 Four modes of execution of operations (immediate, on demand, on the market, exchange)
and all types of market and deferred trading orders;
 Intuitive, friendly and customizable interface.
The main advantages of the platform are:
 a large number of timeframes;
 easy creating robot experts - now you do not need to have programming skills;
 the possibility of trading in one click;
 high speed;
 the economy in the storage of quotations, for example, the minute history of a currency
pair for a decade fits in 10 MV.